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We are a team of technology enthusiasts with backgrounds from top-tier technology companies and premier consulting firms.  Plus solid academic credentials from leading European and American universities.  Which means that we understand technology space as well as the importance of analytical rigour.

We do not aspire to be a full-service shop, but have a strong and international professional network, and are happy to work with other firms in areas where we do not have coverage, for example in general management consulting, sales development, IT consulting, or marketing.

Grim Gjønnes
Founder and Principal

Grim holds a Dr. Ing. degree from NTNU, Trondheim, and a M.Sc. degree in Management from Sloan School of Management, MIT, Boston.  


Prior to forming Crisp Ideas, he worked with a number of premier consulting firms, including Navita Consulting (energy and commodity trading; later Brady Energy) and McKinsey (management consulting).  Grim also held a a number of management positions with top-tier technology companies, including Microsoft, Trolltech (later Nokia, later Digia), and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.  Prior to that, he worked for eight years as research scientist in the area of artificial intelligence with leading research institutions in Norway and Canada. 


Grim was 2016-2019 General Manager of Lysakerfjorden Brettseilerklubb, Norway's largest and one of Northern Europe's largest windsurfing clubs. 

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