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Crisp Ideas provides strategic advisory services to technology companies, primarily in the areas of sales, business development, funding, and strategy.  We serve clients in the Nordics (Northern Europe for DPL-based offerings).


We provide also specialized services in quantitative analysis, specifically decision trees and system dynamics.

We typically work on a fixed price basis, plus success fees.  We may consider sweat equity type of remuneration arrangements.

Management consulting

Want to engage with a consultant who is willing to get his hands dirty, who stays on board until results materialize, but also has access to one of the best toolboxes in the industry?

Crisp Ideas delivers hard-core management consulting engagements to top management teams and investors in technology companies with aspirations of becoming #1-3 globally in their niches.  


Our tool box includes proprietary market sizing methodologies, best-practice technology prediction, CRM system roll-out, and S&M process optimization.  Plus execution support services.

Quantitative analysis

Sometimes, the standard Excel sheet is not good enough, even if produced by the brainiest MBA.  Say when facing investment decisions in the areas of M&A, technology development, partnering or market entry.  Or when trying to predict industry dynamics in industries with lumpy investments.

Such situations are characterized by optionality, uncertainty, feedback loops with long delays, multi-stage commitments, and simultaneous or sequential competitive behaviours.

Crisp Ideas has market-leading competence in full-scale decision trees and system dynamics.  We use DPL for decision trees and Vensim for system dynamics. 

Project development

Whether in software, sports, or scientific research, the objective is the same: establish a leading position in a chosen space.  However, successfully translating such professional objective into a set of actions and then executing them requires solid planning, hard work (over time), stakeholder management, plus thorough monitoring of risks.

Crisp Ideas delivers project development services for hire, across industries, with a focus on international business development for R&D-based technologies and sports.  We tend to work on projects with high upside and significant risks (though our track record is solid and consistent). 

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