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Below  are examples of recent engagements.  They give
a sense for what type of work we typically undertake.

Case: Technical gap analysis for software company

Market: global market for 3D visualization software for medtech

Objective: identify technological and functional gaps to be filled for meaningful market entry, and estimate costs

Approach: in-depth structured interviews with external parties from the medical community

Case: Business plan for pre-incorporation medtech start-up


Market: global market for lung navigation devices


Objective: assist current stakeholders with business plan development

Approach: provision of analytical services

Case: Lysakerfjorden Foiling Team to the Olympic Games 2024

Objective: build an elite level windsurfing foiling team, and get one athlete to the Olympic Games 2024, in Paris

Approach: commercial responsibilities

Case: Funding and partnering strategy for technology start-up

Market: CBM software for oil and gas, wind-power, and hydropower


Market position: patent obtained, partially funded, but not in operation


Objective: recommend funding and partnering strategy


Approach: development of full decision tree, with all major decisions and uncertainties

Case: Digital channel strategy for professional services firm

Market: high-end professional services, primarily M&A and strategy


Market position: regionally leading firm in Norway


Objective: suggest digital channel strategy


Approach: benchmarking relative to competition and similar firms, identification of best practices

Case: Sales and funding strategy for IT security company

Market: authentication and encryption solutions for industry

Market position: early stage in nascent USD 2b market

Objective: build funding and S&M strategy

Approach: hands-on engagement with owner, founder, and organization

Case: Process optimization and execution support for software company

Market: component software for CAE


Market position: top 3, globally


Objective: provide process optimization and execution support

Approach: hands-on engagement with the organization

Case: Market sizing for software company

Market: component software for CAE


Market position: top 3, globally


Objective: assess market size for certain software category


Approach: combination of demand-side and supply-side estimates, using proprietary methodology

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