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DPL--Decision Programming Language from Syncopation Software

Uncertainty, optionality, complexity, multi-stage investments, competitive behaviors.  In say, M&A, oil and gas, asset-heavy industries, corporate finance, R&D portfolio optimization / product development, market entry, or project development.  These are the use cases in which Excel on its own fails and DPL succeeds, in terms of theoretical soundness as well as business insight (plus visibility of value of optionality).

DPL from Syncopation Software is an industrial-grade software tool for creating and calculating decision trees.  It calculates optimum decisions as well as the implied value (or valuation) of such decisions.  It is industrial grade because it can be used for trees with hundreds of millions of end nodes.  (Try that in Excel!)  It supports discrete and continuous distributions, the latter through Monte Carlo simulation.  It interfaces to Excel, so that you can leverage your existing spreadsheet reports and assets.  And for finance professionals, it allows explicit quantification of value of optionality.

Crisp Ideas is designated consulting partner of Syncopation Software.  We support DPL, DPL Portfolio (for portfolio optimization), and DPMX (= DPL Portfolio + enterprise data management).  For all our DPL-based offerings, we serve Northern Europe. 

Contact us for more information, whether you are in need of expert-level professional services, want to get up and running using DPL, or just want to share decision analytics success stories.

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